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I have a new found hate for HP printers.... My boss comes in and asks me to fix a comp in the office. First thing that comes to mind is no problem.... yeah right. To be fair to the printers in at least a little, the comps were so out of date that I'm surprised they ran. Still running off of XP service pack 1. I saw that and about died. The company had hired a guy to work on the comps but come to find out all he did was wiped the comps and put a new install of the original XP on them and my boss, not being the techi type, didn't know any better. All he knows is that the HD was full and I mean full, there was only 300 mb of space left. He couldn't get it to recognize an external HD and wanted me to fix it.

Long story short, after a crap ton of updating, a system cleaning, and several hours of work I find that I still can't get an external to work on the system. It'll recognize but it recognizes as a drive that has a zero capacity. After racking my brain guess what I discovered... One way or another the HP printer was stopping any external (including HD's, flash, pretty much any external component with mem.) drives from being recognized on the system. A simple unplug of the printer and lo and behold the external drives work.

I guess it's not really the printer I'm mad at, as it is how simple the problem was and how long it took my sleep deprived mind to figure it out. In the mean time I'm going to go gouge my eyes out so I can't see the sun rise and sleep all day. G'night
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United States
Having a comfortable life in the middle of nowhere I make my living playing with fire and the pictures there of. It’s not always a fun job but I get to see and do things that most people don’t and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And every once in a while I get to step back and take a snap shot of my world to show to you. Some of it beautiful and some of it tragic, I hope you can find something that will speak to you as much as it all does to me.

All the art here in my on-line shop is available under the same understanding as all the art I personally sell. I have select pieces that will be offered in full resolution limited to 500 sales. Half of all proceeds from sales (limited prints or not) will be donated to the firefighters foundation or MDA. This includes online and offline sales combined. Once a product reaches it's sales limit, it will be taken down from the shop and only the low resolution version will be available in my online gallery. I do this because while my photography may immortalize a moment not all of us are always so lucky. In an effort to help the families of the fallen, half of the profits from my gallery are donated to the firefighter foundation or MDA. If the buyer wishes they can request which of those two foundations get the donation. If you would like to donate directly, the foundations can be found at the following sights:

Wild-land firefighter foundation
National Firefighter foundation
MDA Foundation

Or on the rare chance you want to donate to me or have me donate to a specific organization on your behalf you can do that here… As for my other art, I try to keep it coming but I'm rather strapped for time so my traditional works are sadly few and far between. With my renewing this account I hope to get a little more active in it and keep it updated for you.

Favourite genre of music: most anything
Favourite style of art: Traditional

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